Bar Chair Classification
- Apr 01, 2018 -

1. Backrest chair

Backrest chair.jpg

   This type of bar chair is not much different from an ordinary chair, but it is a high altitude. Black iron frame, soft bag treatment at cushions and cushions, more comfortable to use. The details of the chair legs are better than the overall European style.

2. Half-back bar stool

 Half-back bar stool.jpg

    American-style wine cabinet bar, gives a serious and elegant feeling, modern metal bar stools, even more fashionable life. The backrest is only half short, and it's okay to gently rest on it.

3. Low back bar stool

Low back bar stool.jpg

    This type of bar chair is small and light, and it doesn't take up space there. The backrest is only a shallow section, only for decoration, there is no practical effect

4. No backrest bar stool

No backrest bar stool.jpg

Bar chairs without backrests are also very classic. With wooden desk corners, there is a thin layer of sponges on the cushions, and a close foot on the bottom.

5. Single foot bar chair

 Single foot bar chair.jpg

    The front bar stools are three feet or four feet, but the bar is the most common one. The following is a round tripod to prevent falling. The middle single foot is an air pressure rod that can be adjusted in height. The general lifting range is about 20cm.

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