Bar chair height detail
- Mar 18, 2018 -

    With the change of people's lifestyle, bar chairs are used more and more in life, and are widely used in bars, restaurants, or some commodity stores. The usual bar stools have the function of self-adjusting height. So, what is the most appropriate bar stool height setting?

metal bar stool.jpg

    The bar chair is popular with people for its modern and metallic texture. Its shape is similar to that of an ordinary chair, but it can also be rotated 360 degrees, but the seat surface is higher than the ground. Different types of bar chairs will have different Height, the height of a normal bar chair can be adjusted according to the specific needs of people. The height of a bar chair can be set according to the bar. 20-40 cm below the bar is generally more suitable.

bar stool.png

    In general, most of the bar chairs have different heights because of the different designs of the environment. The height of the bar chair from the ground is 40-55 cm in the shortest range and 70-85 cm in the highest range. It is the most suitable.

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