Daily maintenance of Office chairs
- Nov 16, 2015 -

1. handling should be light lift with care, paying special attention to avoid collisions.

2. sit should always beat sitting areas and edges, to restore the status quo and reduce SAG due to concentration.

Leather should be placed away from heat and direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided, is strictly prohibited in the bright light exposure.

Usually when cleaning do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the skin. For long or inadvertent contamination of the leather sofas, chairs, available cloth and appropriate concentrations of soapy water (or laundry detergent, the water content of the 40%~50%), scrubbed. With clean water after cleaning, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Do not use strong cleaning products (such as scouring powder, chemical solvents, turpentine, petrol or other suitable liquid) cleani