Dimensions of bar chairs
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Dimensions of bar chairs

In appearance, the bar chair is similar to the ordinary chair, except that the seat is far away from the ground so that it can adapt to a relatively high bar. Many families now have bar designs, and they need to buy the appropriate bar chairs,

We usually see the bar chairs are relatively small, said chairs, but in fact more like stools, generally no back, or only a shallow section. The bar is mostly higher than the table, and the height of the bar chair is correspondingly raised. It is made from the height of the bar, and the size of the bar chair varies greatly.

Bar chairs can be divided into lifting bar chairs and not lifting bar chairs, to lift the majority, the general lifting range between 20cm, can alter the regulation. As long as the bar from the right distance, slightly lower than the bar 20cm or so, the height of about 60-100 cm between normal, but also in accordance with the needs of the environment, the appropriate increase or decrease.

Although the size of the bar chair varies, there are a few of them. The standard size is 42*46.5*92cm. In addition to this bar chair, there are also chairs, 44*44*83cm, 45*50*99cm, 45*45*92cm, 39*45*98.5cm and other sizes.

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