Good Chair standard
- Nov 16, 2015 -

A good office chair, shall conform to the following standards:

1. must have a height adjustable device and flexible 360-degree rotation of the basic functions.

2. the depth and width of the seat size needed is correct, Chair front to maintain arc extending down and choose permeability good fiber on canvas.

3. support the body, eliminates fatigue tension back.

4. the body curves design of waist size to prevent lumbar vertebral arch, and to protect the function of lumbar spine.

5. the Chair must be combined with body movement, should not restrict a user, there is only one seat.

6. selection of large area, high security is at the end of five-claw feet.

7. the Chair must be able to move freely, the best selection of chairs with wheels, and the wheels on the floor of soft, hard and the choice of different wheels.

8. the Chair should not be hooked bad design on the clothes or obstruct the work, if you use a chair with armrest, you need to use arm-feel-good material on the surface.

9. all adjusting devices simple and easy to operate.

10. design can always install attachments such as a handrail.

11. select suitable for use with the person who chairs both product and perfect after-sales service.

12. has a beautiful appearance and proper color match.