Hotel Dining Chair
- May 20, 2018 -

     The hotel dining chair is a type of hotel chair. Hotel dining chair classification: hotel solid wood dining chair, hotel child dining chair, hotel metal dining chair, hotel circle chair. One hotel metal dining chair by the material is divided into hotel aluminum chair, hotel steel dining chair.

     Hotel Dining Chair Material: Armrests feet common materials are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, solid wood; seat for the steel plate or wood foam. Product color: The color and fabric of the dining chair can be matched and selected according to the style of the customer's needs. Seat bag: High-density PU stereotyped sponge seat bag, density 55-60, thickness 60mm (adjustable soft, hardness)

      Product introduction: The solid wood dining chair by definition is the theme material made of solid wood frame, plus a high density PU stereotyped sponge made dining chair. The solid wood dining chair has clear wood grain and it is thought that there is a feeling of returning to nature. The main body of the metal dining chair is made of high-quality aluminum or steel plus high-density solid sponge. It is simple and smooth, elegant in shape, seat cushion and backrest are designed according to ergonomics, and is comfortable to sit; more in line with the hotel environment.

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