How to maintain metal furniture?
- Apr 01, 2018 -

Metal furniture is one of the most common furniture. Because the gloss of the metal surface and its sensation are very high, it is used in office decoration. However, the maintenance of metal furniture is not a very worrying thing. If the maintenance method is not correct, it will not only affect its appearance, but also shorten its life.

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1, dry and comfortable environment

Metals are most afraid of staying in a humid environment because of corrosion, chrome plating, and other phenomena. Therefore, the metal furniture must be placed in a dry space, and the indoor humidity should be controlled within a reasonable range.

When the metal furniture is cleaned, it must be wiped with a soft cloth. After the diluted detergent is used to clean the water, the surface of the metal furniture cannot be directly rubbed with a damp cloth.

2, avoid bump collision

When moving the furniture, be sure to take care of it carefully and gently to avoid it being impacted by an external force. The impact bump can easily cause the furniture to deform, or make it surface pitted, destroy its beauty, but also affect its performance. .

3, to avoid prolonged light direct sunlight

We all know that when the sun is strong, people need sun protection, metal furniture needs sun protection, and it is afraid of strong sunlight, because it easily discolors and peels off the paint on the surface, metal oxidation and so on.

4, acid and alkali is the number one killer of metal furniture

Metal furniture must be 10 million away from acid and alkali, acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect, is the largest enemy of metal furniture. If you accidentally touch it, be sure to immediately clean it with clean water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

5, maintenance and rust removal

For a long period of use, no matter what kind of material furniture will cause problems, metal furniture will inevitably lead to rust. The rust must be removed in the shortest time, or it will affect the furniture.

For a small range of rust, you can use a cotton yarn to coat the rust, and wait a while to wipe it clean with a dry cotton cloth. For a wide range of rust, Xiao Bian still suggested that professionals be handled.

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