Maintenance of hotel chair
- May 20, 2018 -

    When purchasing a hotel chair, you should pay more attention to the comfort of the chair. When purchasing a hotel chair, you may wish to make some basic judgments: A good chair should meet the user's body size, such as height, sitting height, and thigh length; chair backrest Do not be too straight, because the back of the chair is mainly used to support the back (spine), and the shape of the spine has a few physiological curvature, the back to the back of the chair is too long to cause back pain; the height of the chair should be appropriate, the foot can not be left unconnected. In addition, you may wish to sit on a chair and try to ensure that the waist is vertical, the calf is perpendicular to the ground and thighs, and the thighs and the waist are at a 90-degree angle. This chair is most comfortable to sit up.

    The hotel dining chair is easier to contact with the oil than other chairs, so it is usually necessary to wipe it cleanly to avoid accumulation of oil. Hotels with more pleats or more patterns should pay more attention to details when cleaning and maintenance. Chair covers can be used to protect the hotel chairs, making it easier to clean and extend the service life of the hotel chairs. Do not swing the hotel chair or support it in two feet. Improper use of the chair will destroy the original structure.

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