Maintenance of office furniture - sofa
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Maintenance of office furniture(three)


1. Cloth sofa: handling methods such as the screen cloth panels.

2. Leather sofa: Do not use irritating cleaning agents, solvents, soapy water, benzene agent, rosin oil, etc., you must prevent the leather pores are blocked, weekdays Care can be sponge James cleaning solution to circular motion wipe, do not rub hard, and then wipe dry wool, do it once a month, can make the surface bright as new. regular Maintenance should be followed by the above-mentioned weekday maintenance mode and then a little soft oil stained with a little maintenance oil (not too much, and should be replaced by the frequency of cloth to take) evenly coated on leather, dry After that, wipe the skin with a soft and dry cloth to make it shiny. Leather is afraid of damp, sunshine, water can not be wiped, if there is water stained, it should be dry, or over time will produce cracks phenomenon. Regular maintenance is recommended once every two seasons.

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