Method for lowering chair height by lifting rotating chair
- Apr 30, 2017 -

Method for lowering chair height by lifting rotating chair

The lifting chair has two kinds, one is the pressure, two is a spiral. Pneumatic lifting chair to sit in a chair and then to lift the chair below on a joystick, use your body weight can be reduced. On the contrary, the chair rises. If the spiral rotation of the chair will turn clockwise turn the chair will be reduced, counterclockwise turn knob will rise.

Pneumatic lifting chair is a new chair, lift chair inside a cylinder, the piston rod in the cylinder on the motor control lifting chair. The pressure rod filling is nitrogen gas purity, generally less than 90% there may be security risks, and the pressure rod seal and also easily lead to gas flaring, besides pressure rod material itself is also very important, if the use of substandard materials may cause an explosion.

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