Office armchairs
- Nov 16, 2015 -

Vertebra (spinal) is in the seat is an outstanding example of the partial application of ergonomic design, its intention is to suit the person's spine bones, according to the different posture of the human body and automatically changes its composition, in order to provide a more comfortable support. Seat and back completely independent, thus can without manual regulation on for user of need: If body straight, Chair on rendering comfortable of vertical of location; if sat with of people Qian pour wrote, seat on automatically to lower tilt 6º; people in relax of when, seat will ahead sliding, and chair back backward tilt, again push about, it of tilt can again increased 12º, makes sitting more relax. As precise anatomic study and serious orthopaedic examination results of Vertebra in an attempt to improve working conditions in the cultural background of the birth, and resulting design requires that the technology can meet the growing need for flexibility and adapt to the changing requirements of users.