What should I pay attention to when choosing a safe lift chair?
- Sep 09, 2017 -

 1, the purchase of regular manufacturers of products, consumers in the purchase of this pressure lift chair, we must choose to specify the manufacturer of formal information products. Do not seek cheap to buy three no products, or not only the quality can not be guaranteed, in the event of problems may also be free. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to see whether the product certification, registered trademarks, manufacturers name and address.

 2, carefully selected too cheap lift chair, according to industry insiders, all regular manufacturers to sell the lift chair, will issue a "inspection report" for the pressure lift chair has a certain risk factor of the pressure bar, the use of steel materials and purity High gas for manufacturing, and strict sealing of the gas; in the top of the pressure bar, also printed by the relevant state departments to verify the logo, and in English to write the manufacturer, the type of pressure bar and the prompt language. The general situation will occur explosion, the use of lift chairs are no regular manufacturers of poor quality gas rod.

 3, in the purchase of a lift chair when you can check the chair or the box on whether there is a qualified product identification and compliance basis. As the general pressure lift chairs have a warranty period, consumers buy, remember to ask for an invoice to the business, so as to avoid the lack of credentials when the rights.

 4, the purchase can try to adjust the seat to see if it is smooth, it is recommended to choose a smooth adjustment of the lift chair.

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