Tell you what you need to know when shopping for a hotel iron chair
- Apr 01, 2018 -

Tell you what you need to know when shopping for a hotel iron chair

    1, comfortable sitting position We all know, three 90 ° a center point principle, namely the thigh leg to maintain the angle of 90 ° to 100 °, body upper body and thigh to maintain the angle of 90 ° to 100 °, work with the upper arm with small The arm maintains an angle of 90° to 100°.

    2, cushion, good cushion cost is higher, the general hotel iron chair are sponge mat, so many businesses will basically make a fuss on the cushion, a good cushion is generally thicker, but also has a concave curve, there are very good The sense of sitting, nowadays popular hotel iron chair is a good choice, sitting comfort is also conducive to heat.

    3, backrest, the backrest of the hotel's iron chair for comfort and safety, some of the backrest part of the chair is very loose, a slight shake can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, there are still security risks. And the backrest height problem, now the market is more outstanding is the ability to adjust the height of the backrest, making a seat become flexible, any can be competent, showing a good hotel chair function is very important.

    4, lifting problems, in the time of purchase to understand the material of the steering rod gas bar, and better, early use if you feel that the lift is blocked, there may be a security risk, you need to contact the business in a timely manner to further solve the problem.

    5. The stability of the site, the choice of materials is extremely important, good products are generally used stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials, and the poor is the use of ordinary engineering plastics.

    6, again on the choice of hotel chair legs, four claws because of the smaller landing area, so the stability is poor, the five claws are much larger than the four claws, to ensure the stability of the chair, the six claws the most secure The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to move under the feet and it is easy to hit the foot frequently. Therefore, almost all the chairs on the market are five-claw.

    7. The instruction manual is a good teacher: When purchasing, you should check whether the product has an instruction manual. After purchase, use and maintain it strictly according to the product specification to ensure the safety during use.

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