The sign of modern living room -- Design of small family bar
- Oct 21, 2017 -

The form of pubs originated from Western Europe. It is meant to be a public drinking place, which provides people with an environment for rest, drinking and conversation. With the improvement of modern living standards and the improvement of living conditions, the new role of "family mini bar" is quietly entering the household, becoming a family of decoration boom.


Family pub is the reflection of modern life style in interior design. It has two main uses:

1. decorative

Small family bar general occupies only l square meters, and the =j local small investment can make indoor add luster. It uses a dazzling array of colors, fancy shapes and exquisite workmanship of glass or porcelain wares to obtain a unique aesthetic feeling with its novel and warm style. The revolving lights of the bar will make the space complicated and mysterious, and bring the atmosphere of enthusiasm to the room.

2. practicality

Small family, bar, cabinet, chair, stool and other snacks for drinking, furniture, supplies centralized matching together, can display wine, beverage, candy, wine, tea and other items to display.

Whether between family members, or the main form and with a molding of traditional furniture style and color (usually color dark) and furniture coordination. Sometimes we use classical lighting, candlelight, and candlelight to make the main lighting. The modern style bar is suitable for the modern style layout main room, generally uses the modelling succinct generous, the line smooth, the color sprightly design. This is also a popular form in the family. The shape generally adopts geometric combination, such as semicircle bar

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