Will the lift chair explode how to prevent the lift chair from exploding
- Sep 09, 2017 -

Lift chair is a new type of chair, and now basically the office is used in this chair, because the relationship between the principle and material, so there is a certain risk. But because the lift chair itself has a lot of advantages, it is still very popular, to understand some of the information on the lift chair explosion, our daily life is still very helpful.

In real life, we still rarely see the case of lifting the chair explosion, with the progress of science and technology, and now lift the chair manufacturing process is quite perfect, so it will not explode. But if it is some bad quality products may exist in this area of hidden dangers. Now the market is more common to the elevator which is divided into several categories? Explain literally, the lift chair is a chair with height and height. It is generally divided into pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. At present the pneumatic lift chair in the market occupies a high share. The adjustable function of the pneumatic lift chair is achieved by the gas spring components therein.

 1. How does the barometric lift chair achieve a high degree of adjustment? Gas spring is a kind of gas and liquid as the working medium, can play support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment and other functions of the elastic components, by the pressure pipe, piston, piston rod and a number of connectors. Pneumatic lift chair works in a closed cavity into the inert gas, such as nitrogen, so that the pressure inside the cavity is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the use of pressure difference to achieve the movement of the piston rod, so as to adjust the role of the seat.

 2. Hydraulic lift chairs are used for special occasions such as hairdressing chairs. It is necessary to use the driving force of the third party outside the user to realize the lifting function of the chair. Hydraulic lifting mechanism that is the principle of hydraulic jack. As the hydraulic lift chair is expensive, the structure is relatively complex, and the height adjustment is not sensitive enough in the domestic market share is low.

 3. In addition to the pneumatic lift chair, there is also a mechanical lift chair, that is, support the seat is a threaded solid steel bar, when the computer chair needs to adjust the height, you need to put down the chair, the fixed bolt After loosening the screw, adjust the screw and then screw it.

 4. Compared with the mechanical lift chair, pneumatic lift chair production costs are low, easy to use, so the market share is relatively large. However, the safety of the pneumatic lift chair is less mechanical. China in recent years, the occurrence of the lift chair explosion accidents are pneumatic lift chairs.

The most important thing to prevent the lift is to be careful when buying. The purchase of quality certification and safety certification of the brand, the state in fact with these products with security risks have more stringent monitoring, so when the purchase can not be cheap. What is the power of the lift chair?

 1. According to the calculation, under normal circumstances, when the chair under the pressure bar to bear a person's weight, the air inside the air pressure will be compressed, then the pressure inside will reach 24 or so, in the event of an explosion, the 24 Atmospheric pressure multiplied by the bottom of the tubing in the tubing area, is the power of the upward momentum of the pressure bar. This power will reach about 70 to 80 kilograms.

 2. In the experiment, when the atmosphere is compressed to about 7 atmospheres, the air pressure is released instantaneously, and the plunger in the piston is ejected, and a density plate is placed not far from the front end of the plunger to simulate the surface of the chair. As a result, a density plate of about three to four millimeters thick was easily broken. In the second group of experiments, they increased the thickness of the MDF, placed two MDFs, the results of the two MDFs can not resist the impact of seven air pressure. Experiments show that the power generated by 24 air pressure can break through at least six MDFs, the power is amazing. It is because of the strong pressure, it produced such a great destructive power.

To prevent the lift chair explosion in addition to the purchase, the use of the time should also pay attention to a few points. Usually in the lift chair when not repeated ups and downs; if not very professional, do not take their own demolition chair, do not let the lift chair on the hot things near; use for some time after the professionals can check, Timely repair replacement, especially in the company, to regular maintenance of office supplies. So what causes the barometric lift chair to explode? Generally speaking, the following two cases may lead to an explosion: First, the gas spring wall thickness uneven or preload is too large. Second, the frequent high and low adjustment and rotation, leading to overheating explosion.

 1. Under normal circumstances, this kind of bicycle with a similar pressure bar is filled with high purity inert gas nitrogen. When people sit on a chair, the nitrogen does not have any problems, even though the nitrogen is increased by the squeezing pressure, but still within the limits of the air pressure expansion. And some poor pressure bar, there is often insufficient nitrogen gas, gas rod material to charge and so on the problem, in the summer high temperature or seat frequent lifting of the case, the pressure inside the pressure bar, easily lead to explosion. Some black manufacturers to reduce costs, with free high pressure air instead of inert gas, which is more likely to cause the pressure bar explosion.

 2. In addition, some consumers in the use of pneumatic lift when the wrong way there are security risks, such as sitting too much force, or often adjust the lift handle and so on.

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