Bamboo Cany Chair
- Aug 12, 2017 -

              Bamboo Cane Chair, as the name suggests, is made of rattan chairs. Its materials for the bamboo skin, because it looks like rattan chair, so called Bamboo cane chair. Bamboo cane chairs generally for leisure chair, because of its material for the bamboo skin, strong thermal conductivity, relative to the fabric or leather chair cool comfortable, high probability of summer use. In modern home, gradually appeared artificial rattan and plastic bamboo cane chair, manufacturing process is simple, rich style. Bamboo and rattan furniture in the modern home is also a beautiful scenery line.Cany chair

              Bamboo Cane Chair Price: on the market, according to a variety of materials, the price is also different, generally with environmental protection of PE rattan made of about 200, if the balcony leisure three sets with a tea table, generally 400 to 500 range. And the natural rattan chair generally in more than 500 yuan if a good point of the large outdoor chair is more than 1000. So in the selection of the time to see whether the whole cane chair. Purchase as appropriate.Cany chair

             Bamboo Cane Chair Maintenance: 1, peacetime, can be used wet cloth and soft cleaning agent scrub rattan furniture. 2, rattan furniture Use long if there is fouling, preferably with saline scrub, not only to decontamination, but also to make rattan soft, flexible. 3, rattan furniture most bogey placed beside the heating pipe, its bonding parts will be dry and weak due to fever. 4, rattan furniture to avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent rattan material fade, dry.Cany chair

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