Bar Chair Size
- May 23, 2018 -

Bar furniture modelling is rich, full of fashion and personality, its dimensions are different, there is no uniform standard, is selected according to the operating area of the bar, and bar tables and chairs also need to use the size of the guest comfort, tables and chairs should be complete, reasonable control range in size in.

The bar table size according to the collocation of the chair has two kinds, one is ordinary table, the other is a collocation table chairs. The former is generally similar to the ordinary table size, and the height is about 700 to 780mm, and the latter is generally 910 ~ 1060MM.

Desktop size round table size and size of two kinds of square table, bar round table size generally have 600mm (two), 800mm (four), Phi Phi Phi 1200mm (six), 1400mm (eight), L600mm (10), 1800mm (twelve); the bar table size is 600* (600mm two), 800*800mm (four), 600*700mm (two), 1200*700mm (four), 1600*700mm (eight).

The size of the bar chair is also different because of the difference in shape. Generally, the height of this chair is between 800 and 1000mm, some of which can be adjusted, and the chair size is about 500 ~ 640mm. The bar chairs are usually independent. The common sizes are L420*W465*H920mm, L440*W440*H830mm, L450*W500*H990mm, L450*W450*H920mm and so on.

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