Cleaning And Maintenance Method Of Office Chair
- Aug 22, 2017 -

      Furniture Display: 1. Smooth, display the floor of the panel office furniture must keep flat, four legs balanced ground. 2. Dust removal, cleaning the furniture on the best use of pure cotton knitted cloth, and then use the soft wool brush to remove the depression or relief decorations in the dust. 3. Avoid Yang placed, furniture placed in the best position not to be direct by the sun, often the sun will make furniture paint film fade, metal parts easily oxidized metamorphism, wood easy to crisp. Office Chair
      Summer is best to cover the sun with curtains to protect furniture 4. Indoor humidity, is to maintain indoor humidity, do not let furniture damp. In the spring and autumn use of humidifier should be limited time to prevent excessive humidity and damage to furniture, such as wood decay, metal parts rust, bonded parts easy open detachment.Office Chair
      The corners of the room or the seams of the carpets and walls are the hardest corners to clean, very easy to produce mildew, and try to clean the brush with an old toothbrush. If you encounter more stubborn dirt, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent brush, and then wipe clean water, keep dry can. When you sweep the floor with a broom, if you are worried about the dust, you might as well wet the newspaper and scatter it in the ground. Because the wet newspaper can be stained with dust, it can easily sweep the floor. If the floor is quite dirty, you can first wipe the whole with wet rags, then wipe with dry rags.Office Chair
     The table and chair sometimes appear a circle of stains, as long as sprinkle salt, and then drip salad oil, you can brush clean. Gasoline or turpentine can also be removed, but to avoid the desktop off paint, it is best to wipe with salt, really can not be removed when the use of the detergent. Worn heel of the old socks cover in hand wipe furniture, easy to use, can easily dust, staff office tables and chairs. When cleaning the room, sprinkle some snow on the floor, so as to sweep the clean, but also to avoid the ash.Office Chair
    With toothpaste to wipe metal furniture, metal furniture, the general dirt, can be dipped in soft cloth a little toothpaste slowly wipe. If the stain is more stubborn, can squeeze some toothpaste and wipe with cloth repeatedly. The fridge will return to its smooth finish. Because toothpaste contains abrasives, decontamination is very strong. Take a clean rag in the expired can not be drunk in the milk, and then use this cloth to wipe the table, cabinets and other wooden furniture, decontamination effect is very good, and finally clean again with water. Painted furniture stained with dust, can be used wet gauze wrapped tea slag to rub, or with cold tea scrub, will be more bright and shiny.Office Chair