Dining Room Chairs Tells You The Rest Of The Chair.
- Sep 07, 2017 -

      This chair is suitable for serious study, work, or dinner (upright mode), while the very simple operation can be transformed into leisure lounge chairs. When in upright mode, the back of the stent (metal tube) joints inside is through the 8mm coated PTFE hardened steel rod locked, need to convert, step back to the crossbar, unlock, flexible joints so that folding becomes very convenient. We rarely see the furniture on chairs and other functional structural design, but the multi-functional design is so concise, covert, considerate (refers to and those flip, change to the comparison of the other methods) less. There is a less safe place, either intentionally or unintentionally, when a person stands behind a chair, many people will step on that crossbar.Dining Room Chairs
     Just to a common chair also not spared, in the details of the designer also permeated the inspiration. Not only is the pursuit of the unique shape of the creative, seemingly simple arc contains the principle of ergonomics, more in line with modern fashion people to pursue a simple and comfortable life concept, the perfect interpretation of the "Italian style" design, leading the trend of furniture design and trends. Worthy of domestic designers to learn and reference. Unique two-in-one chair designer wonderful ideas, and its material is polycarbonate. "Chair two in Oneness" Slim design, and it is a combination of two chairs, we can easily split it in half, the chair is a color, and the following is transparent, material or more common polycarbonate, recently to the experts showed this kind of chair.Dining Room Chairs
    Clockwork Chair is a charming seat, it not only brings joy to people, but also has the function. The bright red crank on the back of the chair is not just for decoration, but also for people to use it to replenish their phones. In fact, what people need to do is to connect the phone to a clockwork chair, turn the back crank, and the chair will add electricity to the phone, when people can get a rest on the chair. Dining Room Chairs
    The Clockwork chair was designed by the Taiwan Pegatron design team, and recently, the Clockwork Chair was exhibited at the Milan Furniture show in 2013, leaving a deep impact on people. The design of A clockwork chair is inspired by clockwork, which uses physical activity to provide electrical energy for electronic devices. The bottom of the four legs of the chair is matched with red, which is very playful and lovely.Dining Room Chairs