How To Choose And Buy Office Chair?
- May 17, 2017 -

Office chairs are usually seats for adults in the office space. Office chair products are more widely used, chair back parts are usually molded plywood with soft bags covering, the base with casters, five-star feet or the way to support the steel frame. Consumers in the purchase of office chairs should pay attention to the quality of products, here are a few suggestions.

1, Office Chair seating sense: office chairs are usually based on ergonomic design and manufacturing. And sitting feeling is different from person, tall and fat thin to the comfort of the seat of the degree of experience is totally dissimilar, this needs to be purchased at the seat of the sitting sense of personal experience is more appropriate, soft hardness, height adjustment, seat depth, back support and so on should feel a bit, so that work does not feel tired, make work more enjoyable.

2, Office Chair appearance and safety: conditional can wear white gloves to the entire seat can touch the site, see if there is a hook, contamination of gloves, the situation of the gun nails, sewing parts should be noticed whether there is a nail off, the phenomenon of line; some active parts can be tempted with a pen that resembles the weight of a finger to see if there is a potential risk to the gripper.

3, Office Chair Stability: Stability is the test of an office chair in the work of the former rush after the lateral movements of the risk of the dumping of important data. Consumers can use simple methods to test, adjust the seats to the most likely to turn to the state (the seats up to the highest, in the direction of the five-star feet should be between the feet), with the palm of the seat pressing the edge (roughly the edge to the internal 50mm-60mm) downward force, feel the lower seat of the tilting capacity. If the stability is not good, generally slightly with a point of force, the Chair will tilt.

4, Office Chair Strength: The strength of the seat is its use of the function of guarantee and service life protection.

In general, consumers can:

① weighing its weight, feeling a little sinking into the chair will be more firmly;

Grasp the top of the back of the chair to shake, no sharp sound of the chair connection more reliable;

③ Office Chair use legs to hold the seat of the chair, with the hand pushed back, not smell abnormal sound of the backing plate is relatively strong;

④ in the seats on a certain height of the force to sit down, the better the resilience of the ability to prove the impact of resistance will be better;

⑤ Office Chair the seats with casters can push the chair to move a distance, the running straightness of the better proves the more flexible casters.