How To Maintain The Table
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Use heat pad or napkin chair to prevent hot air or oil damage to the table.


Keep the table dry. After the meal can be wiped with a damp soft cloth, and then immediately to dry paper towels to dry; dirty, you can use neutral lotion to 1:20 ratio after mixing wipe, the water is net, and then the desktop dry .


Solid wood dining table, once every six months to maintain oil.


Even seemingly smooth paste skin or the United States resistant board desktop, can not scouring cloth or steel brush grinding, so as not to damage the paint.


Acid-resistant glass desktop, you can use the anti-fog spray often bright.


How to maintain dinette


Dining chairs are easier to access than other chairs, so it is common practice to wipe and avoid accumulation of grease.


Crepe or pattern more dining chairs, cleaning and maintenance should pay more attention to detail part.


Can be used to protect chair chair cover, when cleaning is more convenient to extend the life of the chair.


Do not shake the chair or bent chairs bent into two feet support, improper use will destroy the original structure.