How To Work In Dining Room Chairs
- Jun 05, 2017 -

    First of all to introduce the mahogany furniture process, the first mahogany furniture has a general understanding of understanding, and then talk about mahogany furniture in the production of cheating means, the general production of mahogany furniture in the south are more, the North is used to Wax or playing walnut oil. Scrubbing is also an important step in the production of mahogany furniture.Dining Room Chairs

    Mahogany furniture to hand-based, the need for a long period of time, and mahogany furniture production process is very cumbersome, from the original wood to the finished product between the need for many processes. The following one by one

    Red wood wood side of the material, the logs back to the factory, the carpentry will be used with a saw blade saw a different thickness of the plate, you can mix with long, comprehensive use, reduce waste, save scarlet scarce resources.

    Drying, different thickness of the plate through the classification, respectively, into the drying kiln for drying. Generally thick plate needs to dry about 40 days, thin sheet to be about 15 days until the wood dry to moisture content of 8% -12%, at present a lot of mahogany furniture manufacturers have a better drying method, but this process at least Not less than 10 days. Because it is necessary to control the wood and the local humidity to maintain a balance in the future made of furniture is not easy to crack and deformation.Dining Room Chairs

    Processing process, the staff need to be based on the needs of different parts of the furniture will be dry wood saw the appropriate size, and then through the pressure to make the size of more accurate, and then open the tenon. Now generally use the machine to open the tenon, because the mahogany furniture, the solid foundation is built on the machine in the process of meticulous, therefore, the mechanical precision, sharp tool, skilled skills are indispensable.

    Mahogany carving process carving process, the general mahogany furniture has some or simple or complex carving to decorate, so before assembly, the carpentry to the need to carved plate to the carving workshop, and carving is a very time-consuming fine, and according to The different methods of engraving, the skill level of the workers and the simplicity of the pattern, the time required is also very different. For example, the carved bed, if the pattern is more complicated, even a skilled old workers also need to spend more than a month to carve.Dining Room Chairs

    Assembly, a piece of panel carved back to the carpentry workshop, began to assemble the link, slowly, a mahogany furniture, the young line came out. In the assembly process, we must not be able to master the tenon tightly, the interface of the anastomosis, or tighten the hardcore to the wood cracks, loose the furniture twist the frame.

    Mahogany furniture assembly process scraping, although to this link, the whole furniture out of the young, but the whole surface of the furniture looks very rough, so to the scraping of the production process. Scrubbing is a major step in the production of mahogany furniture, grinding directly affect the consumer's first impression of mahogany furniture. A Lohan bed scoring process requires three workers to polish for at least 20 days, excluding the part of the bed. Can be seen to do the smooth and rounded furniture surface, is a very time-consuming and laborious part.

    Painting or waxing, painting or waxing is the last process of mahogany furniture production process. Currently on the market to sell some of the mahogany furniture is not painted or waxing links, furniture, after grinding directly into the market after the sale. But most of them need to be further painted or waxed. General South made mahogany furniture painted more, the North is used to wax or fight walnut oil. Paint the process takes a long time, the name of rosewood mahogany furniture, are generally several times on the raw lacquer, the last time to dry the paint dry, the whole process down at least 15 days or so.