Interactive Design Of Office Chair
- Oct 25, 2017 -

With the development of Internet technology, people have a new demand for office furniture which is inseparable from their office life, at the same time, the appearance of new office style, also put forward higher requirements for office furniture products.Office Chair 

The development of the Internet has a great influence on the intelligent office furniture, the development trend of the intelligent office furnishings will become inevitable, and the research of office furniture design will gradually develop in this direction in the future. In the near future, the development of the Internet and the expansion of intelligent office furniture market, the intelligent office furniture design also put forward new requirements, the following based on the above factors to form a number of design concepts.Office Chair

Office people want to work in a comfortable environment, which requires designers to meet the needs of people in the design, not only to consider the individual as individuals, but also to take into account the relationship between human and nature, society and so on. And the core of humanity is to pay attention to the user's physiological and psychological and personality needs, so that people's life more convenient and comfortable.Office Chair

Interactive Design (Interaction) can also be called interactive design, that is, the design should pay attention to the interaction between people and products, to take into account the user's background, experience and the feeling in the operation process, so as to design the end-user product. When we use Office furniture, we have already completed an interactive experience of office furniture.Office Chair

In fact, in the company more will be equipped with a number of people sitting on the sofa or larger chairs, roughly suitable for adult size. When I see this chair, I feel that it is not a little small, but it really feels good to sit up. Because there is no handrail, people will instinctively put their hands on the table, or put their hands on the legs, so that they can find a comfortable state. In the middle of a small round table, a few people around the small tables and sit, exchange work or chat, or together oh coffee, compared to the large conference table brought serious, make people feel more warm and comfortable.Office Chair