Introduction To Different Styles Of Bar Stool
- Aug 22, 2017 -

     In our comfortable home, add a suitable chair, will appear chic, give guests a unique, stylish, avantgarde feeling. Straight line shape, embodies a simple but without losing the luxurious decorative effect. The cloth style is concise, the atmosphere, makes the soft processing, the feeling is thick soft comfortable, has the good air permeability. Traditional wooden mortise and tenon, reinforced structure, durable. With Non-slip wear-resistant foot pads, suitable for a variety of flooring environment.Bar Stool
     Retro Fashion Bar Chair, the use of high-quality solid wood raw materials, through the traditional wood crafts and modern technology processing, simple Nordic style to add a little retro elements, let the chair more a bit of style. Ergonomic design in line with the waist, comfortable and beautiful practical! Selected crocodile pattern Pu, bright dazzling, luxurious atmosphere, wear-resistant practical! High-choice and elegant seat design, you can directly adjust the take-off and landing, so that you at any time in the seat can present a graceful and straightforward posture, simple design style, to add style to furniture. The design sense is very strong a high chair, the style is simple and generous, and the backrest and the seat cushion position uses the hollow mesh surface decoration design, increased the visual esthetic sense and the design feeling, simultaneously four weeks outside profile stool foot, has brought the stability.Bar Stool
    Iron bar chair, concise shape, iron stent, sturdy and durable, fabric cushion, concave design, surround the buttocks, give you better support, this is the A-style bar chair. Seemingly simple lines can bring you a different enjoyment, mature and stable tone collocation, the use of ergonomics, perfect arc design, so that it sits on the top of the very comfortable, but also beautiful and humane foot design. The simple and natural bar Chair, the chair surface uses the Japanese imported PC plastic material, the texture is smooth, the chair foot uses the import beech wood, the wood texture is clear and beautiful, uses the solid reinforcement to carry on the reinforcement connection, has set up the non-slip foot cushion, has played the protective floor the function.Bar Stool
    High chair leg design, Force uniformity, retro concise. Curved chair back, comfortable backrest. Leather cushion, perspiration dehumidification, high-quality oak material, mildew-proof pest control. The bar seat itself is defined as a public seat in a pub, night club, KTV and other places, which is what we usually call a couch. One-sided seats we call the L-shaped bar card seat, both sides have seats we call the T-Bar, surrounded by seats we are called the O-bar card seat, there are circular arc card seat, U-shaped card seat and S-type card holder and so on. Bar Stool
    Because of its simple structure, it can be customized according to the space in the shop, so widely favored by bar owners. The bar card seat also has another narrow definition, the bar in order to upgrade the grade, the card block classification for KCAL or small card, different card block area, the level of consumption is different.Bar Stool