Maintenance And Cleaning Of Office Chair
- Sep 07, 2017 -

     Handling should be handled lightly, to pay special attention to avoid collisions. Sit after sedentary should often pat the place and the edge, so that it restores the original, reduce the sitting force concentration and appear sag phenomenon. The dermis should be kept away from the radiator and should be prevented from direct exposure to sunlight.Office Chair
    Senior office chair, usually do not rub vigorously when cleaning, so as not to damage the epidermis. For long use or inadvertently stained leather sofa, office chair, can be dipped in the appropriate concentration of soap water (or detergent, water content $number) scrub. Then wipe with water, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Do not use potent decontamination (such as powder, chemical solvents turpentine, petrol or other improper liquids) for cleaning. The office chair should be used as far as possible center of gravity in the middle of the pressure bar, to ensure that the pressure bar lift and rotation light and flexible; long after use of the office chair should check whether the screws are loose, such as loose due to timely tightening; Spring and knob is loose, the spring should be adjusted according to the user's own body weight, so that the back of the chair back freely, The most comfortable to rely on.Office Chair
    It is strictly forbidden to sit on the armrest of a sofa or office chair or place an overweight object. To strictly follow the instructions to maintain the office chair regularly, so as to prolong its service life. Do not put the office chair as for the Sun underground for too long time, this will make some plastic aging, the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement. Pull armrest and chair back tester are mainly used to test office chair armrest vertical, the strength test of the armrest level and the backrest of the chair is set by the PLC controller with the LCD touch screen, which can set the test force value, guarantee the pressure and cycle time, reach the specified force value, automatically timing and automatically return Office Chair
    Test accessories: Chair armrest strength test auxiliary test platform one, armrest vertical strength test fixture set, backrest strength test fixture set. The Chair has the very strong practicality, in each room will appear, its main function is facilitates the people to rest, therefore its comfort degree is weighs a chair good or bad main standard. The general person chooses the double person chair, most chooses the comfortable strong, this kind of chair uses in the bedroom, may lie can be lying, also can be dressed in clothes, can have a thing to use more, also can display in the living room, uses the different color to create the leisure good mood. When choosing a double chair, there are two factors to consider: function and material. Office Chair
    In the functional double chair can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of family members of the room. Common material is cloth and leather. The cloth is easy to clean and exchange, can change the surface with the seasonal changes; the leather chair can be dignified but not suitable for summer.Office Chair