Manufacturing Process Of Cany Chair
- Sep 19, 2017 -

     There are many kinds of rattan, there are 600 kinds of known, in which the vine, Red Cane, Sato and Batan are most commonly used. The vines used in our rattan cane are mainly Batan, Sha and Vine. Batan and sand general thickness is relatively uniform, is the production of rattan cane skeleton of the good materials; the flexibility of the rattan is very well, is the production of the indispensable raw materials.Cany chair

     Raw material grinding, the surface of the vine is more rough, is a prickly plant, so in the production, the raw materials should be "polished" treatment. This kind of polishing machine tool, is specially to the rattan raw material grinds the tool, mainly uses the sand belt and the grinding wheel to grind. Grinding to be divided into two times to complete, once is coarse grinding, once is fine grinding.Cany chair

     Raw materials processing This is to make rattan cane often used tools: muskets, high-pressure air cooling gun, console. The setting of the console is simple, but it is useful, and it is the main tool to make the cane bend. On the console, there are 2 iron cylindrical cylinders with diameters of 8 cm and 25 centimeters fixed on top, and two iron cylinders spaced between 10 centimeters. The process of bending the vine is done on this platform.Cany chair

    Our assembly is mainly assembled with wicker handrails, ship parts, ship trays and ship support rods, which can be assembled in half a rocking chair. Before assembling, we still have to finish polishing these parts, the polishing method is the same as before, here no longer tells.Cany chair