Office Chair Basic Structure
- Nov 16, 2015 -

1: Castor: ordinary casters, PU wheels (soft material, suitable for wooden floors, and rooms).

2: chair legs: the thickness of the metal frame directly affects the life Chair. Surface treatment: polishing, painting, paint (gloss, easy to paint), electroplating (wooden frame can not electroplating), electroplating quality, difficult to rust.

3: gas bar: also called extended drop rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the Chair.

4: chassis: hold up part of the seat, the following connection to the gas bar.

5: seat: made up of wood, foam, fabric. Wood quality are usually consumers don't feel. SpongeBob: recycled foam, new cotton. 99% manufacturers are both used, the thicker the harder, higher costs, of a thickness appropriate, proper hardness. Using hand pressure seat and fabric: Ma Rong, mesh, leather. Plastic box, Internet access. This type of Chair, more breathable.

6: armrest: thickness affect the quality.

7: back link (corner): the seat and back are separated, made of steel pipe and steel plate connections, steel, usually 6mm or 8mm. Steel plate width but less than 6cm must be 8mm.

8: back: steel box, plastic box, Chair, made by combining mesh fabric, breathable.

9: lumbar pillow: the comfort of the Chair.

10: head rest: comfort of the Chair.