Office Chair Selection And Maintenance
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Office chair Hardware Tripod How to maintain? The most rudimentary office is indispensable for two types of office furniture, a desk and an office chair. There can be no filing cabinets, conference tables, conference chairs and so on, but must not have a desk and office chairs. Office chairs must be load-bearing every day, to provide staff with comfortable backrest, so that the waist of the staff is well protected, work up lightly loose.Office Chair

Generally speaking, the office chair is composed of seat face, backrest, five-star tripod, armrest, construction site and pneumatic rod. Among them, the five-star tripod for the office chair load to play a major role. Therefore, its maintenance work well done will directly affect the life of office chairs, must be well maintained. Daily maintenance: Avoid exposure, lest the plastic five-star tripod aging accelerated or make stainless steel five-star tripod oxidation, rust trace, avoid heavy weight on the top, so as not to crush the five-star tripod, avoid the use of sharp or sharp objects scratched the five-star tripod, the impact of beautiful; daily cleaning: Because five-star tripod under the office chair, It is easy to accumulate dust or stain stains, so we need to periodically wipe with a clean wet cloth. If it is a stainless steel five-star tripod, we need to wipe, with a dry cloth and then rub again, so as to avoid residual water droplets, resulting in rust.Office Chair

A good desk in addition to the space for information products should be considered, there should be enough, including horizontal and vertical line storage space to avoid line exposure, but also note that the High-voltage power supply and information lines need to be isolated, so as to avoid magnetic interference caused by the loss of data. The front edge of the table should be sleek hypotenuse design, or One-fourth round design, in order to avoid the traditional right angle design will oppress the indoor and outdoor architects and the construction of the Exchange platform, the realization of the industry's online working community, the construction industry to guide the real estate industry development hand elbow blood vessels of the ills.Office Chair