Office Chair To Show You The Details Of Office Furniture
- Oct 21, 2017 -

Every piece of office furniture we use in our work, are designed for the use of certain requirements and manufacturing, so the primary purpose of office furniture should be functional, that is to require office furniture in the use of comfortable, convenient, conducive to storage and transportation and cleaning, and for people's working environment to add fun.

Office furniture is a reasonable function of the very main aspect, is how to make the basic standard of office furniture to adapt to the human body static or dynamic variety of body posture changes, such as rest, seat change, learning, work, operation and so on. These gestures and activities are nothing more than the movement of the body, standing, sitting, lying, etc.Office Chair

Therefore, the functional design of office furniture must be based on the condition of human physiology condition, and the principle of ergonomics is used to design the office furniture which makes the user operator convenient, fatigue-prone, error-prone and high efficiency. The main work of furniture function design is to grasp the body size and the range of limbs activities objectively, so that the human body can achieve the aim when resting or working, and thus produce normal psychological changes.Office Chair

In office furniture design, the research of human physiology function can make office furniture design more scientific. By human activities and related posture, people designed and produced the corresponding office furniture, according to office furniture and the relationship between people and things can be divided into three types of office furniture. Depending on the type of office furniture and human activities close relationship, play a supplementary human activities, for people with chairs or desk work, and can store or furnishing items of furniture, common varieties have tables, Taiwan, a few, cases, counters and so on. Its main function is to meet and adapt to the people in the station, sitting in the necessary auxiliary plane height or both for storage space.Office Chair 

The storage class office furniture and the human body has the indirect relations, plays the storage or the furnishing all kinds of goods as well as separates the space the function the office furniture, common has the file cabinet, the Bookshelf, the screen and so on. Its main function is to facilitate the storage and access of various items. These three types of office furniture basically covers the people work has engaged in all kinds of activities required for office furniture.Office Chair

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