Pay Attention To Details Of Bar And Chair
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Pay attention to details of bar and chair

1, first of all, according to the size of the bar to choose the appropriate size of the bar chair, so as to avoid buying a chair or broken ring has been designed to decorate the layout and so on.

2, at the time of purchase to check the bar chair joint strict strict, no matter what kind of material we have to pay attention to whether the smooth fabric is not bulge, bubble, patchwork lax phenomenon.

3, you must also pay attention to the environment around you. Such as a factory or near the road near the bar, because it may cause a lot of chimney and dust, this time we should choose those simple bar chairs, or cleaning work is a waste of your time.

4, in the purchase bar chair, must check its fittings installation is reasonable. For example: whether the valve switch is flexible, whether the pulley is smooth, the turntable rotation is natural and so on.

5, to consider when choosing materials is reasonable, because there are differences in different bar chairs on the surface of the material, so it is worth our attention should be paid in the purchase of the bar chair, there is the texture of the material is to determine the product quality of wood, the wood bar chairs belongs to natural material, feel good, beautiful is the production of furniture in the finest materials, so we must choose at the time of the purchase of good material!

Bar size

Most of the use of free pick up home bar corner design home, then using the corner and out of the bar, the operating space of at least 2250px, and the bar height with two sizes, about 2750px single bar, double bar is 2000px and 2625px, during which the gap must be at least 625px, items can be placed inside. The table must be a function of the depth of the bar, just drink and eat the required table width is not the same, if the front seat was prepared, the table highlights the bar itself, so the surface depth of at least 40-1500px, the width of the bar is also more convenient storage. Generally speaking, the minimum sink for the bar is 1500px, the operating table is 1500px, and the others are measured according to their own needs.

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