Rattan Furniture Cleaning And Maintenance Of Small Coup
- May 17, 2017 -

Rattan bench clean and maintenance small coup

1. Rattan furniture

 To prevent deformation after damp

Rattan bench can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if absorbed excessive moisture, will become soft, loose structure, flat sagging. The advantage of the rattan stool is that after drying it can revert back to its original shape and size. Therefore, it is important to prevent the braided shape and clearance of the rattan stool when damp, because when drying, the vine will shrink back to its original size.

2, Rattan furniture

 cleaning rattan stool

Cleaning rattan stool is not a complicated matter, soap, vegetable oil is a good detergent. We can also use sodium phosphate as detergent, some of the tools at hand, such as wicker and toothbrushes, or paint brushes, the paint brush can be cut short half as a small brush, the latter two like a nail brush, and the former as a pencil-weight pin, can sharpen in the pencil sharpener, use them to remove the dirt embedded in the cane stool.

3. Rattan furniture

 Wipe Surface method

Vines are often painted or dyed, if it is dirty, need to conduct regular cleaning, but if cleaning still cannot make it as new, can use a so-called "rub face" method or brush a thin lacquer, usually can remove stains.

4, Rattan furniture

 shovel off stains

However, if the furniture is not painted, "wipe the face" is unnecessary. Scoop out the local stain, paint it, or paint it all over. When you want to shovel off stains, use a good oily pigment dip, and then paint. It is good to paint again after washing.

5, Rattan furniture

 with the brush drag and wipe

The wipe-face method is available for the rolled and corrupted paints. The tools used are the same as described above. Sometimes also need liquid scrub, to let the scrub time long enough, so to use the brush on the top to mop, but not like finishing wooden furniture scraping on the surface, to make it tilted, knit tightly in the top of the part, so that the remaining liquid will flow to the more loosely woven parts, do not accumulate in the tightly woven parts.

6, Rattan furniture

 spray paint

After the rattan furniture is dried, the next step is to paint again. The paint is easy to use, and the angle of the corner and the concave can be painted on the paint, after dyeing and painting. Be careful to prevent polyurethane curing into a layer of plastic, it is very hard and brittle, may cause cracks in the curved parts.

Rattan furniture

 The above is about rattan stool clean maintenance small coup. No matter what furniture, we should pay attention to peacetime cleaning and maintenance, so that they can glow new luster, the use of time can be more long-term.