Rattan Rocking Chair Before Purchase
- Nov 16, 2015 -

Rattan rocking chairs while its benefits, but because of the vine mass also has advantages and disadvantages, so at the time of purchase have a knack.

Examine the material selection of rattan with thick long, symmetrical without the noise of vine for high quality vine. Inferior cane is fine, small toughness, tensile strength of low easy to broken. Indonesia because it is in the Equatorial tropical rain forests, volcanic activity is frequent, year-round Sun and rain is abundant, fertile volcanic soil, make the vines on the material produced in full symmetry is known.

Notes "face" color rattan rocking chair overall color is consistent and that bonded parts are fixed, upright appearance is the main factor to put it to the test. Equipped with a cushioned Wicker Chair, carefully observe the upholstery furniture arc and ARC fit, fabric pattern stitching neat, dental floss is a sleek straight.