Selection Of Bar Stool
- Jun 29, 2017 -

    The chair is a kind of daily life furniture, have backrest, some also have armrest seats. Ancient Sat, no chair, "chair" is the name of the wood. The chair is called its ancient and simple, although for many centuries it is a common use state. The chair is present because at least in the early dynasty. They are covered with cloth or leather, wood carvings, are far below today's chairs, chair seats are sometimes only 25 centimeters high. The chairs in ancient Egypt seemed to have been enormously rich and splendid. Old-fashioned ebony and ivory-carved and gilded wood, they were covered with expensive materials, ornate patterns and legs of wild beasts or captive figures after the expression of support. Generally speaking, the higher the rank of individual, the higher, the more gorgeous is he sits on the chair, the greater honor. Pharaoh sits on the throne in important occasions in the country, often far from a stool in front of it.Bar Stool
   Korean designer Sunhan Kwon designed a coffee cup chair (coffee Chair), the chair back design into a coffee cup silhouette, the handle part of the cup can be used to hang clothes, bags and other things. There are three colors of black, white and brown, which are suitable for placing in cafes. The upper part of the swivel chair is not much different from the general style of the chairs, but there is a part of the hinge which is called "Stiles leg", so the body seat can rotate around at will. The age of the swivel chair is not too early, is the Chinese furniture early absorption foreign style of a chair. Backrest chairs where chairs without handrails are called backrest chairs. Because of the change of the backrest and the head, there are many styles and different famous.Bar Stool
   Single chair for the use of space more than a large area of the chair, sofa more variability. Single chair because of its different circle back shape, in the use of space also have different functional uses, if the proper use can reflect the personality of the Master, not when it will be self-defeating; High back type single chair, suitable for home use, can convey the leisure, relaxed home atmosphere, streamline modelling, color contrast strong, with a strong visual beauty of the Chair, very suitable for single nobility or studio; personal style strong leisure chair, recliner, rocking chair, suitable for placing in space corner or balcony, as the mood of the conversion station.Bar Stool