Size Summary Of Bar Chairs
- Nov 02, 2018 -

From the appearance, the bar chair and the ordinary chair are very similar, but the distance between the seat surface and the ground is higher, so as to adapt to the relatively high bar. Nowadays, many families also have bar design, so they need to buy suitable bar chairs.

bar chair

The bar chairs we usually see are smaller, they are called chairs, but they are more like stools. They usually have no backrest or only a shallow section. The bar is mostly higher than the table, and the height of the bar chair is also raised accordingly. Because it is made according to the height of the different bar, the size of the bar chair is also different.

bar chairs

Bar chair height

The bar chairs are divided into liftable bar chairs and non-liftable bar chairs. Most of them can be lifted and lowered. Generally, the range of lifting is between 20 cm, which can be adjusted according to preferences. As long as the distance with the bar is appropriate, slightly lower than the bar about 20 cm, the height is about 60-100 cm between the normal, but also according to environmental needs, appropriate increase or decrease.

Bar chair

Bar chair size

Although there are many changes in the size of the bar chair, there are many common ones, with a standard size of 42*46.5*92cm. In addition to this kind of bar chair, there are 44*44*83 cm, 45*50*99 cm, 45*45*92 cm, 39*45*98.5 cm and other sizes of bar chair.

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