The Best Bar Stool Design
- Dec 16, 2017 -

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Why You Will Like It: The take-off metal bar stools is worth talking to with your stylish red bar throughout your bar.

You may already see some similarities with this bar design at a friend's house or at a dining establishment, but the red color of the take-off bar stool gives it extra charm and makes it a unique work. The metal stool was coated with a scratch-resistant, daring red powder coating finish and it features no rubber feet March to prevent slipping and scratching your floor.

It is very similar to the Tolix H bar stool in the 10 best bar stools of The Independent. Its style mirrors that of the 1930s, as the publication indicates, and has become a classic in industrial design at the Vitra Design Museum, MOMA and Pompidou.

Ascendas metal bar seat height of 30 inches, seat size 12 × 12 inches, you can easily measure the number of seats you need. Because it is not as wide as many others, you can squeeze more stools under the table if you need to.

Without back or armrests, you can easily place it under your countertop, and because of its unique shape it can also be stacked, so you can use a few of them and save them in a closet to save space . A handle is ingeniously built into the seat to make it easier to pick and move.

Critics hype about its appearance and durability - each stool can hold 330 pounds. A critic even considered the video review of the project as "perfect." Other love stackable components, price, and some called kid-proof stools. The only real complaint throughout the review process seemed to be some damage during transport, and some commenters (such as commentators) mentioned that they came with a slight bruise.

I used to sit on the model of the bar, and despite its height on the deck and finding it more comfortable than it looks, I mostly attribute it to the pedals. I also found that stools made me sit more upright, but in a very comfortable way. I did not feel backache when I was sitting for a long time. This is what I usually do on the other stools, which makes me feel sl. .

Benefits: Stunning combination of color and design that can support a large amount of weight, stackable and easy to store

Disadvantages: transportation is easy to damage

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