The Characteristics And Style Of The Cany Chair
- Jun 16, 2017 -

   Rattan chair made of coarse rattan made of various chair frame, with rattan rattan rattan rattan banding made of various chairs, a rattan bench, rattan chair, rattan chair and so on. Modern also has the application of PE rattan to produce rattan chair, PE rattan compared with the real vine, it is easier to shape rattan chair shape. Rattan chair lightweight and generous, those fine intertwined rattan simple, refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern city, more and more deeply appreciate the authenticity of anti-Pu Guizhen true desire for intimate integration with nature, layout of a room filled with pastoral atmosphere, give yourself another experience of living. In this sense, nature is fashion. Those rattan chairs and other rattan furniture, inadvertently together to create a feeling of small cabin, rich atmosphere of small rattan made of ornaments, its shape and composition can be arbitrary.Cany chair

    Rattan weaving materials, handmade and technical sources are mainly in the traditional process of Southeast Asia, so that the rattan products are full of ancient South style, less modern style, usually more popular with middle-aged groups. Cany chair Rattan chair is not only simple and no lack of fun, and its style is very emphasizing the artistic, both Chinese peacock-shaped, chicken heart-shaped, sun-shaped, there are European and American court type, crown shape and irregular geometric and so on. Almost any rattan furniture can be tailor-made, so the quality of rattan furniture is also varied. Cany chair