The Classification And Function Of Bar Chairs
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Classification of bar chairs

The bar chairs are divided into steel and wood bar chairs, solid wood bar chairs, curved wood bar chairs, acrylic bar chairs, metal bar chairs, rattan bar chairs, leather bar chairs, cloth bar chairs, plastic bar chairs, etc. The bar chairs are divided into pneumatic lifting bar chairs, spiral lifting bar chairs, rotating bar chairs, fixed bar chairs and so on.

use trend of bar chair

Bar chairs were primarily used in bars at first, but now the use of bar chairs has become more and more widely used in shampoo bars, fast food restaurants, tea restaurants, cafes, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, etc., representing passion and fashion and fashion.

Maintenance and maintenance of bar chairs

The main advantages of solid wood bar chairs are natural wood patterns and varied natural colors. Since solid wood is a breathing organism, it is recommended that it be placed in a suitable temperature and humidity environment, while avoiding beverages, chemicals or overheated objects placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. If the mattress material, when more dirt, it is recommended to use diluted neutral detergent with warm water wipe one time, then with clean water wipe test, remember to use a soft dry cloth to wipe away the residual water stains, after completely wiping, then use maintenance wax polish, even if a great success, only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, can Wood furniture has been renewed for a long time. When the fabric chair is purchased, it is first sprayed with fabric protectant for protection. Cloth art bar chair maintenance can be used dry towel beat, at least once a week vacuum, especially pay attention to the removal of dust between the structure. When the surface of the fabric is stained, it can be wiped from outside to inside with clean cloth or used as fabric cleaner according to instructions. Avoid wearing sweat stains, water stains and mud dust on the sofa. It is suggested that most of the liners and cushions of the cloth bar chairs can be divided into hand wash and machine wash. Furniture dealers should find out, because some of them may have special washing requirements. If you find loose ends, do not use your hands to tear them apart. Use scissors to trim them flat. All cloth covers should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washed and not bleached.

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