The Composition, Classification And Maintenance Of Office Chairs
- Jun 06, 2017 -

First, the basic composition of office chairs

1: Casters: ordinary casters, PU wheel (soft materials, suitable for wood flooring, and the engine room).

2: chair legs: the thickness of the iron frame directly affect the chair life. Surface treatment: polishing, painting, paint (surface gloss, easy to paint), plating to remove the Atlas (wood can not be plated), plating quality is good, it is not easy to rust.Office Chair

3: gas rod: also known as the extension rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair.

4: Chassis: hold the seat of the seat, the following with the gas rod connected.

5: Chair: from the board, sponge, fabric composition. The quality of the board is usually not felt by the consumer. Sponge: renewable cotton, new cotton. 99% of the manufacturers are used with both, the thicker the more hard, the higher the cost, the thickness of the appropriate hardness can be appropriate. Hand seat, fabric: Ma Rong, mesh, leather. Plastic frame pressure on the cloth. Such chairs are more breathable.Office Chair

6: handrail: thickness affects quality.

7: seat back seat (corner code): seat and back is split, the use of steel or steel plate, steel, usually 6mm or 8mm thick. But the width of less than 6cm of steel, must be 8mm thick.

8: back: steel frame, plastic frame chair, made of mesh combination, with breathable.

9: waist pillow: reflect the comfort of the chair.

10: headrest: the performance of the chair comfort.

Second, the classification of office chairs

From the material composition, can be divided into: leather office chairs, PU leather office chairs, cloth office chairs, mesh office chairs, plastic office chairs and so on.

From the use of type, can be divided into: boss chairs, work chairs, staff chairs, chair chairs, conference chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs.

From the use of occasions, there are offices, open staff office, conference room, reading room, library, training classrooms, laboratories, staff quarters, staff canteen and so on.Office Chair

Third, the daily maintenance of office chairs:

Should be carried when carrying light, pay special attention to avoid collision.

Sedentary should always be patted by the sedentary parts and the edge, to restore the status quo, to reduce the concentration of sitting due to the phenomenon of depression.

Leather should be placed away from the heat dissipation and should avoid direct sunlight, is strictly on the exposure to light exposure.

When you usually clean, please do not rub heavily, so as not to damage the epidermis. For long or accidentally stained leather sofas, office chairs, can be dipped in the appropriate concentration of soapy water (or detergent, water content of 40% to 50%) scrub. Then wipe with water, and then dry with a clean cloth can be. Do not use strong decontamination (such as decontamination powder, chemical solvent turpentine, petrol or other inappropriate liquid).Office Chair

office chair

In use should try to make the center of gravity in the middle of the pressure bar to ensure that the pressure bar movements light and flexible rotation; long after use of the office chair should always check the mechanism of the screws are loose, if loose due to tightening; spring and knob is loose , The spring should be based on the user's own weight adjustment elasticity, so that the seat back to ease, rely on the most comfortable is appropriate.

It is forbidden to sit or put too heavy objects on the arm of the sofa or office chair.

To strictly follow the instructions to regularly maintain the office chair, so as to extend its service life.

Do not put the office chair as long as the sunny place for too long, this will make some plastic aging, resulting in hydrogen brittle phenomenon.