The Custom Of The Acrylic Chair
- Jun 29, 2017 -

    The so-called acrylic products processing, is the acrylic plate laser engraving, polishing, bonding, bending, surface screen printing, inkjet, UV printing, bronzing, electroplating and other ways, so that ordinary acrylic plate into display props, handicrafts and so on. In fact, acrylic material to do the display rack is the most appropriate, why say so, 1. Material environmental protection. 2. Color-rich and easy-plastic type. 3. The quality is durable. such as an acrylic photo frame, at least 8 years, or even longer. 4. The price is moderate. For the production experience of the display rack, we have 14 years, we have a knowledge of every process. Cutting, gong, planing, grinding, milling, throwing, drilling, chamfering, chamfering, we all know how to control the depth, angle and size. Know how to make your display more beautiful, more attractive to customers.Acrylic Chair
    Many customers want to customize their favorite acrylic products, but what are the requirements of customization? First: Style. The style is very important, is the heart has a structure, I need to make this. This product is just what I need. No style, can find us, we have professional designers for your product design artwork. Second: quantity. Do acrylic products, the number of styles, the number of more, you can open the mold (the number of at least hundreds of thousands of), the number of words open mode is relatively cheap, the number of small, hundreds of thousands of, you can choose to do it manually. Third: size. Is the size of the factory suitable for my product? It is not appropriate to change what size, how many, these hearts should have a bottom. Four: How about the quality of products? This is to consider their own needs of the product is easy to consume, or want to use for a long time, because the acrylic board has cast and extruded plate. The casting plate is relatively more expensive than the extruded plate, but the quality is better than the extruded plate. The squeeze plate is cheap, but the quality is almost the same as the casting plate. Five: Since it is their own custom products, then must have a company's logo, highlighting unique.Acrylic Chair
    Our new research and development of high-grade black series acrylic hotel supplies, the surface inlaid stainless steel. The whole appearance that was quite upscale. Stainless steel sheet with mirror, the process of making special attention to avoid the surface of stainless steel scratches. Simple, pure black looks upscale and uncomplicated. Acrylic Hotel Supplies have a few requirements, as long as these points, then this set of hotel supplies perfect. 1. Products must be polished around, chamfer, scrape edge! Avoid the use of the process of scratching the customer's hands or children hit sharp corners when playing. 2. Products to facilitate cleaning, such as acrylic hotel supplies, the surface has a little oily dust, with detergent or wash fine cleaning can be. 3. Products do not need to be so good-looking, but to be durable and do not fade, like our acrylic made of the hotel supplies suite, durable 8 years, do not fade without distortion.Acrylic Chair