The Maintenance Method Of Cany Chair
- Jul 06, 2017 -

            Rattan chair lightweight and generous, those fine interwoven rattan simple, refreshing. People have been tired of the hustle and bustle of modern city, more and more profound experience of the value of the simplicity of the counter, eager to merge with nature, decorate a room permeated with pastoral atmosphere, give oneself another kind of living experience. In this sense, nature is fashion. Those cane chairs and other rattan furniture, inadvertently together to create a small cabin feeling, rich in earthy flavor of small rattan made of decorations, its shape and composition can be arbitrary.Cany chair

            "Under normal circumstances, rattan furniture can be used for 15-20 years." Rattan furniture in modern technology is not as "fragile" as people generally think. Some people think that the northern climate dry, will affect the life of rattan furniture, now manufacturers on the rattan wood drying process is relatively in place, whether winter or summer or north and south, rattan furniture can be used normally. ”Cany chair

             Rattan furniture has a lot of pores, so many people think this furniture is more difficult to manage. According to the introduction, rattan furniture surface has a layer of dust-proof paint, usually just wipe with a damp cloth can be kept clean, as for the dust in the pores, you can clean with soft brush. After use for a period of time, can be used to wipe the furniture of dilute brine, both to decontamination and can make its flexibility durable, there are certain to prevent brittle, insect-eaten role.

             Rattan furniture Most afraid of the good things, to pay attention to avoid keys and other things will furniture Luo hurt.

The best way to maintain rattan furniture is often sitting, often used not only to give rattan furniture lasting vicissitudes of life, but also to maintain the toughness of the rattan. In the use and storage of rattan furniture, to avoid contact near the source of fire, heat, also do not put in the sun for prolonged exposure.Cany chair