The Overall Design Concept Of Bar Stool
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Conceptual stage is the concept and aim of the whole design, and it is the precondition to guarantee the future concrete design. The process of setting up the concept of chair design relates to the function, structure, material and shape of chair-related issues. Why should a design take that shape or structure? "Why should that material be produced?" "And so on, the conceptual phase is to make a general statement. The conceptualization of the design should fully reflect the designer's ideas and values and play their creativity, so it should not be the opinion of others, but should be the designer's own ideas.Bar Stool

The key to designing a chair is to focus on the design that fits the overall look and core architecture. The appearance of the product, the shape of the chair and the stability of the structure should not only reflect the designer's exquisite design, but also to achieve people's requirements for comfort, which is the focus of furniture design. To achieve this goal, we have made the following skeleton (skeleton) model based on the product appearance presented in the materialization phase. It can be said that this is the basic model to implement the Top-down (Top-Down) design approach.Bar Stool

It is important to support the body weight in some stable way. Of course, in addition to back, that is, supporting the backs of the body's back part and armrest, that is, the handrail part of the test is also very necessary. Through the above series of instructions, we can understand the design of the product components of the entire process.Bar Stool 

Of course, compared to specialized parts designers, their design may still be inadequate, but this expands the work of the designer, it is important to create product designers through the participation of the entire development process of products, can develop a more affinity, ergonomic products.Bar Stool

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