The Placing Requirements Of Cany Chair
- Aug 22, 2017 -

      Rattan outdoor furniture has been favored by people for several years, because of its return to nature, non-polluting, collectible and so on. Outdoor furniture for everyone to take stock of rattan outdoor furniture Some advantages: environmental protection (more environmentally friendly than solid wood, because solid wood is made with glue wood), rattan crafts manufacturing, no industrial pollution. Cany chair
      Is the leisure commodity (in the relaxed, the leisure environment life is everybody seeks and the goal which charmed), returns to the big natural is the modern metropolis everybody's tireless seek. With a sense of art, ornamental strong, can be used for art layout. Winter warm summer cool, more than the cortex, fabric furniture has a seasonal function. With durability, protection is usually 20-30 years of service life.Cany chair
     Traditional craft, classical beautiful, rhyme culvert distant, belong to engaging commodity, never expire. Improve living environment, and improve the quality of life, the performance of the Master's life level, there is edify temperament strengths. Rattan outdoor furniture More suited to the modern search for Low-carbon environment, a family of green life, filled with natural gas, quiet, indifferent. There are these advantages, rattan outdoor furniture in the noisy modern life has a more and more important position, it is set environmental protection, nature, leisure, collection and other advantages in one, people in the courtyard, bedroom put rattan outdoor furniture dotted with this return to nature temperament, so that life has a different taste.Cany chair
     The sofa and the seat's modelling must be solid, especially the high back sofa and the seat, this is not only comfortable but also has the security. The ideal device is the best gossip-shaped, because the seat is adjacent to each other, not only can promote interpersonal harmony, but also to create a suitable space for rest. Style novel rattan chair sofa is an indispensable part of the house, its shape and color most can reflect the atmosphere of the house. Plain cloth sofa is the best choice for residential geomantic omen, and it is best to choose inconspicuous small pattern. In daily life, the sofa has used to rest, leisure talk about the function of visitors, so in the residential Feng shui, it occupies a very important position. For its placement is very exquisite, so in the display will have such a request:
     The size of the table to pay attention to: Sofa shape on the single sofa, double sofa, long sofa and chi-shaped, round sofa and so on. In the material will also be leather sofa, cloth sofa and rattan sofa and so on. Cany chair
     In color and modelling, it is a variety of tricks. Residential Sofa Array is fastidious, the most taboo is a set of half, or a Fangyuan two sets of sofas and used. Sofa should pay attention to the position, sofa because it is for a size of the daily sitting furniture, should pay attention to the position. For East housing, the sofa should be placed in the living room, east, southeast, south and north of the four locations. For West housing, the sofa should be placed in the living room in the southwest, west, northwest and northeast these four positions better.Cany chair