The Wide Application Of Cany Chair
- Sep 07, 2017 -

      Rattan plant stems of the epidermis and core as raw materials and real supplies. The history of the Tang Dynasty, Guangdong Zhanzhou (this Hainan island Dan County), Qiongzhou (now Guangdong Qiongshan) and other places to the wild deer rattan woven into the curtain, some also have a flower, fish, bird, birds and other patterns, craft fine. Kaiyuan to the Yuan period (713~1085), Lingnan and other places to the court tribute Pito, five-colored rattan plate. The early Qing Dynasty, the folk Rattan workshop has the development, weaves the rattan to increase, specially the five sheep (today Guangzhou) and so on the rattan workshop more. Jiaqing 19 years (1814), Indonesia and other countries of the original rattan imports of Guangdong, Hainan bei fishermen first knitting seats, chairs, mattresses and other rattan, production more prosperous.Cany chair
     Since 20th century, Guangdong Rattan in addition to Hainan, Guangzhou, South overseas, but also to Foshan, Jiangmen, Stone and east areas, and to Hainan bei, Huang Qi Village, known as the township of Rattan. Since the 80 's, Hunan, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other places also developed rattan production. Rattan crafts are now exported to the United States, Italy, Spain and other dozens of countries and regions.Cany chair
     Craft, rattan generally after playing rattan (cut off the knot scar on Vine), pick vine, wash cane, bask in vine, cane, Lato (rattan), cut vine, bleach, dye, weave, paint etc. more than 10 processes. Rattan mainly rattan branches, rattan core or bamboo as the skeleton, and then with rattan skin or young rattan core woven into, give full play to the rattan soft, not easy to break the characteristics. In color, most of the use of the original rattan light yellow, or processing, bleaching for white, ivory color, appears soft and elegant, and some with a coffee, brown and so on. Rattan furniture to coarse rattan as the skeleton, through the nail rack, and then with Tou Pi, rattan core woven, and finally painted or painted.Cany chair
    Varieties, rattan about more than 5,000 varieties, mainly rattan, rattan, rattan, rattan furniture and other 4 categories, with lightweight, cool, durable and so on. ① Rattan Bazaar, is to weave the growth of the rattan skin as a piece of semi-finished goods like cloth. The specification has the 37~89cm long, the pattern is different, may trim freely. Used for interior decoration. ② Rattan seats, divided into primary colors, colors two categories, there are bed seats, Fonchi, bed, large seats and sofa seat sets, hand basket and so on. ③ rattan furniture, there are tables, chairs, sofas, stools, beds, cabinets, tea tables, boxes, screens, etc., of which the largest output cane. Wicker chair and Dragon and Phoenix chairs, peacock Chair, plum Chair, orchid Chair, dining chair and so on. Since the 1980s, it has been woven into large rattan furniture, such as dining chairs, tables, screens, cabinets, and so on, the style is simple and rugged, rich in natural taste and flavor of the Times, in the international market is very popular. ④ rattan woven pieces, including household utensils, toys, decorations and so on, such as hand basket, cans, boxes, lampholders, frames, shelves, tea sets, flowerpot sets and frogs, pandas, elephants and other toys.Cany chair