Tolix Metal Chair
- Aug 12, 2017 -

             French industrial design dining chair nostalgic industrial wind furniture Tolix metal chair a chair with taste and attitude, is a famous design furniture of the world, Tolix Chair, (Marais A Chiar), 1934 by the Xavier Pauchard Design, early is as outdoor furniture design, trying to show the French lazy and leisurely temperament, over the years by fashion designers around the world, from the outside to the home, business, display, and many other uses, And this chair is not negative expectations in all types of space have a good performance, especially in recent years with mixed, rural, American, nostalgic, Nordic simple, Chinese and other main decoration style collocation, are presented with a unique charm, also praised by the fashion industry as "hundred-lap first" chair. Lovely fish-shaped metal tableware "modern metal craft Supplies" pure copper cloisonne powder spoon * Fragrant Road special "Modern metal Crafts" retro palace wind metal carving coffee spoon "modern metal crafts" oenone Randall copper Spoon "" Modern metal Handicrafts "zinc alloy creative bookcase ornaments push hands" modern metal craft Supplies "PB-sn alloy European-style antique silver door handle.Tolix Chair

             Enduring's unbeaten design is housed in famous museums around the world. A Chair has long been the subject of industrial aesthetics since 1934. The chair, originally designed for outdoor use, was modified in 1956 to launch a stackable version that meets the needs of the store, and the thinner shapes stack up to 25 more. Whether it's for public space or home is a good choice.Tolix Chair

             Material: Iron, Specifications: Wuyi. 5*52*76cm sit High: 43cm, technology: chair surface for high-temperature baking paint, color: blue, red, yellow, green, dark purple, white, black, silver, iron primary color through, Weight: 4.9 kg (kgs), Volume: 0.35m3. European industrial Wind metal back chair successfully combined with the use of ergonomic and material, streamlined chair shell line with gorgeous color, can meet different space and life needs. High-end spray molding process, color looks delicate and soft, a variety of options. More than 10 colors, let your heart to meet. Select the finest high-quality metal, metal added to the trace elements, making the chair more resistant to sit. Stool surface exquisite workmanship, groove texture clear, round small hole breathable comfortable.Tolix Chair

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