What Quality Inspection Should Be Done For Office Chairs
- Aug 12, 2017 -

             How the quality of the office chair determines the practicality and its life and safety problems. Therefore, the quality of the office chair is very important, manufacturers in the factory before the office chair chassis, casters, backrest, handrails, chair feet to do the relevant test, to ensure that its quality standards. What are the specific instruments used?Office Chair

             Chassis test: office chair chassis back tilt Durability tester for office chair five-claw pressure test, the machine can also be used as fatigue test, in the setting force value, test cycle, repeated loading pressure as a fatigue test. Pressure size, holding time and cyclic test times are adjustable.Office Chair

             Caster Life Test: office chair caster Life Tester is applicable to all office chairs with castors or chair wheels, assessing the fatigue pressure and wear ability of casters and chair frames to withstand the movement of chairs. Seat face placed weight (113 kg), clamping fixture with motor and synchronous belt drive, so that the office chair or chair frame before and after the round-trip movement to assess the wear-resistant life of casters, travel, speed and frequency can be set.Office Chair

             Chair Backrest test: The office Chair backrest test machine is used in the chair back frame durability and the tilt mechanical installment two kinds of tests. Fixed office chair casters, to the chair back a certain strength, speed and prescribed test for back action to assess the quality of products.Office Chair

             Armrest, Chair Foot test: office chair armrest, Chair foot Comprehensive test machine simulate office chair usage, test Chair armrest structure withstand vertical pressure and repetitive load pressure ability, this load can see affectation is to leave the seat when the handrail as a support to produce force. In addition to armrest testing, the machine can also be used for chair foot strength test and foot durability test.Office Chair

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