Tolix Chair

The industrial look of Tolix Chair comes into its own and convinces with the intentionally visible weld seams. The back of the chair is also particularly striking. An interesting tension is created with the thick and thin silhouette with intentional gaps, yet it is still surprisingly comfortable.
The Tolix chairs are produced in China, assembled by hand, mounted, as well as lacquered or polished. Thanks to the robust material and the practical stackability, the Tolix Chair is a unique Chair for cafés, living room and other rooms.
We take on the timeless vintage design, which is full of golden time feelings. This Tolix Chair features beautiful metal with a backrest.If you are interested in industrial metal products, I believe you can recognize this unique charm.
*Full of artistic and cultural taste.
*Different color for you to choose.
*Good quality, good after-sale service.
*Export to Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and South America.
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